About me


Hey there! About me? Well, as a two year old my parents constantly struggled to hide lipstick from me. My family couldn't walk by the sparkly red shoes at Target because everyone had to wait while I put them on my petite toddler feet. A few years later my grandmother spent lots of time and money at Justice (LOL) because she liked watching my shopping excitement as much as I liked wearing it! I guess I've loved clothes from the beginning. Then high school uniforms: yuck! After graduating, I was free... I could wear pretty clothes!! I went a bit haywire loading up my closet when I found clothes that were trendy AND reasonably priced. Soon I realized that I wanted to help women and young girls find well-made, stylish, and reasonably-priced clothes also! Now that dream is a reality and I hope you have as much fun wearing them as I did finding them for you.